Our Main services:

  • Australian Property Development Investment
    Establishing investment funds for institutional and private clients to invest in high growth potential area with the leading property developers in Australia.

  • Australian agriculture supply chain investment
    Establishing equity funds and providing specialist advice & service to clients seeking direct investment opportunities in Australian agriculture supply chain.

  • Issuing funds & underwriting

  • For wholesale funds:
    Offering integrated wealth management services and high yield investment products for large funds (minimum A$500,000 for wholesale fund) under controllable risks for private and institutional investors from Beijing and Shanghai also new immigrants and students in Australia.

  • We also provide:

    Retail services for Australian securities and financial products that are listed on the Australian securities exchange (as ASX)Underwriting and sub underwriting newly listed shares on the ASX.

    Private placement for seasoned offering of equity and bond funds to private and institutional investors from Beijing and Shanghai.

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